Strategic Marketing and Copywriting Help For SMBs

Hi, I’m Abby!

I combine my ten years' of marketing and communication experience with MBA expertise to deliver projects that not only look and sound great, but align with your strategic business objectives too.

Core Services:

- Copywriting: Your strategic objectives matter to me. That's why I craft customer-focused copy that converts. (Ideal for websites, blogs, email campaigns, flyers, billboards, digital ad campaigns, new products.)

- Coaching: Don't have a marketing manager? I stand in the gap by mentoring in-house team members in social media and digital marketing best practices. (Ideal for SMEs with interns, new grads, and admin assistants outworking basic marketing tasks.)

- Consulting: Every business encounters challenges from time to time. I create marketing and communication plans and/or strategies that overcome these challenges and set a strong foundation for years to come. (Ideal for SME business owners needing strategic marketing advice.)

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“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Abby. Her copywriting and feedback was fabulous! We made a great virtual team.”

― Victoria Sharp, Director and Motion Designer at Kinegraf

“Abby's expert insights helped us improve our brand and our product range. She did a great job of identifying issues and providing recommendations.”

― Kim Thompson, Owner of Candid Coffee & Clothing

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