Consulting Case Study: Candid Coffee & Clothing

“Abby's expert insights helped us improve our brand and our product range. She did a great job of identifying issues and providing recommendations.”

― Kim Thompson, Owner of Candid Coffee & Clothing

Project Background

After experiencing great success in their first year of business, this client was seeking professional branding advice on how they could further strengthen their unique market position.


I evaluated Candid's brand positioning by analysing their target market, digital presence, competition and existing brand elements. I also surveyed local coffee enthusiasts to discover where Candid was in comparison to its competitors in terms of brand recall and brand recognition, as well as how Candid's brand associations were impacting the cafe's overall brand equity.

Final Results

My research identified opportunities for improvement in areas such as Candid's online reviews, brand associations, and in-store product range.

After providing my recommendations in 2021, Candid have successfully expanded their product range and achieved a more dominant market position in relation to key competitors.