Product Launch Case Study: LPE Solar Bank

Project Background

This project was completed in-house for LPE, an innovative, Queensland-based electricity provider looking to bring smarter electricity solutions to everyday Australians.

Two key marketing problems that needed to be addressed within this product launch were:

1. Many people within the target market had already invested in solar and weren't seeing the benefits, particularly in terms of cash savings. This had created some scepticism around solar product offerings.

2. Battery technology (in particular Virtual Power Plant technology) was complex to understand, and therefore appealed more to the early adopter market rather than the mass market who were LPE's target audience.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Abby. Her copywriting and feedback was fabulous! We made a great virtual team.”

― Victoria Sharp, Creative Director and Motion Designer at Kinegraf

Creative Process

To solve these marketing problems and successfully launch the product to the mass market, a simple name and a clear message were needed.

1. Naming the product Solar Bank and adding the supporting copy, (solar + battery + rewards), helped the market really understand the product offering.

The word "Bank" is positively associated with "security", "control", and "storage", which link well to the product's core benefit (see section 2).

The supporting copy provided further detail about what the product included as well as creating intrigue with the word "rewards".

2. Leading with the core benefit of being able to "take control of your future" by "worrying less about electricity prices" and "focusing more on living in a self-sufficient and sustainable home" positioned the solar and battery product in a new and unique way.

Rather than leading with the promised benefit of "savings on electricity bills" (which, while likely, is also dependent on the customer's energy usage patterns) or the benefit of installing an "environmentally friendly solution" (which is an argument that can sometimes be countered), the benefit of "self-sufficiency" was one that appealed to consumers in a new and enticing way.

Final Results

Within the product's first two weeks in market, segmented email campaigns to target audience groups generated open rates of 73% and conversion rates of 10%. Furthermore, the best performing Facebook Ad was responsible for a 17% conversion rate.

For the purpose of the above campaigns, conversions were defined as completed form fills which acted as quote requests. The forms were a high investment for audience members as they required details about the consumer's home and preferred payment options, however this did not appear to be a barrier for those interested.

Solar Bank Content Portfolio

Explainer Videos: I worked with a motion designer and voice artist to bring to life scripts I crafted for 1 min, 30 sec, 15 sec and 6 sec product explainer videos. Once produced, these were used across email campaigns, digital ads, and landing pages.

- Watch the 1 min version:

- Watch the 30 sec version:

- Watch the 15 sec version:

Landing Page Copy: The product messaging hierarchy I created helped prioritise which key messages and benefits needed to be communicated to prospective customers when browsing the website.

Blogs: While LPE originally contracted a remote copywriter to produce three product blogs, the ideas and language used in early drafts weren't aligning with LPE's strategic vision. I took over ownership of the copywriting project and used my messaging hierarchy to re-work all three blogs. Preview them as they are today below.